Specification by Example

Today, Ingo introduced me to this Specification by Example book by Gojko Adzic. In his opinion it should explain the high-level goals we want to achieve during this project.

The book not only outlines the basic concepts but explores some key patterns backed by a real case study. It does that going over examples of edge cases from 50+ projects. This way you get to know the best practices and are taught how to avoid the bad ones. Interviewing 30 teams gave the author the possibility to identify underlying principles behind these practices. It’s not about the tools you use nor the code you write, it’s about the way of communication between software delivery staff and business users.

Preface figure

If you’re interested in Behaviour-Driven Development, you should at least check out two sample chapters provided by the distributor. I will definitely have a look to decide whether it’s worth reading it from cover to cover.

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