Improve Behaviour Testing Framework and Test Suite

On 22.05 the 2012 edition of Google Summer of Code started and I’m lucky to be one of the participants, working with SilverStripe!

Here is an excerpt from my project summary:

SilverStripe has a decent coverage of unit tests, but these tests test mostly backend and don’t examine the CMS/framework from the user perspective. The goal of the project is to introduce acceptance tests (simulate user behaviour in the system to check most common actions).

We have decided to use Behat – you can check it at It will be very handy as its contexts are an ideal way of modularising the project and we can integrate it with various browser drivers via Mink. Mink is a very exciting thing – it adds an extra level of abstraction between Behat and the browser emulators, allowing you to be as driver-independent as possible and have just one API no matter how the testing is performed from a technical side. Plus, it supports both in-browser and headless emulators.

I set up a SilverStripe-Behaviour-Testing-Framework github repo. Stay tuned for updates, as I’m just preparing the first prototype and there will soon be something to play with!

Also, if you have any suggestions, please e-mail me or comment – I would love to hear what you think about the project, and since the tools that we’re using are very exciting, I’m sure that the result will be splendid! :)

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